Average Expected Cost of Foundation Repair Services in Columbia

November 11, 2021

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Homeowners should never put off needed foundation repair services for a Columbia property. The longer you ignore concrete cracks, bowing basement walls, splintered piers and beams, and other needed fixes, the worse they become!

house needing foundation repair services in Columbia

A weak foundation can also lead to costly secondary damage, including wall and ceiling cracks, loosened floor tiles or splintered floorboards, cracks in framing, and mold growth. If you’re worried about your home’s condition, note some foundation repair methods and average costs, and then discuss your property with a foundation repair contractor as needed.

Columbia Foundation Repair Services Methods and Costs

Note a few different foundation repair methods according to foundation construction and materials, and what you might expect to pay. Remember that these are just averages; your costs will vary according to your home’s size, the extent of damage, and other such factors.

Foundation crack patching

The best way to protect your home’s foundation from severe damage is to schedule patching services at the first sign of cracks. The sooner you have cracks patched, the less risk of them spreading and becoming larger and deeper.

Concrete foundation crack patching might only cost $300 to $1000 per application. The downside of this work is that the material might degrade and break down after a few years, so you’ll need to schedule the work again eventually.

Bowing basement wall repair

As basement walls weaken, they might tend to bow inward or outward. This damage needs immediate repair, as the walls are then at risk of crumbling!

A foundation repair contractor will use steel or carbon fiber strips across basement wall faces; these strips push the walls back into place and then provide added support. These strips often range about $1000 each, so your total costs will depend on how many strips are needed to repair your property.


When a foundation sinks, it might then need underpinning. This process uses pins, piers, or concrete cylinders sunk deep into the ground. The piers are attached to the foundation, lifting a structure and keeping it supported and level.

Piers might also average around $1000 to $3000 each. Your foundation repair services contractor in Columbia can tell you how many piers are needed for your property’s overall condition and if your structure might need house leveling as well.

House leveling

Also called slab jacking or mud jacking, house leveling is not as invasive or expensive as property owners often assume! A contractor will start by drilling holes through the foundation and then pouring in a specialty grout.

cost for house leveling in Columbia

This grout hardens as it dries, “floating” the structure back into a level position. A contractor might also use specialty hydraulic equipment to lift and level the home. This process might average between $1200 and $3000, depending on the amount of materials used and work needed to return a home to a level position.

Pier and beam foundation repair services in Columbia

If your home has a crawlspace, it probably has a pier and beam foundation! This foundation construction consists of piers inserted into the ground, connected to long beams attached to the home. As those piers and beams begin to weaken, they might crack or sink into the ground.

Shimming pounds wedges between those piers and beams, “jacking up” the structure and providing added support. Shimming usually averages between $2500 and $3500. If the piers or beams need replacing, you might pay about $1500 each; most homes require about 8 to 10 piers, so homeowners can pay around $15,000 for total repairs.

What Happens If You Avoid Foundation Repair Services in Columbia?

No matter your costs for foundation repair in Columbia, you want to schedule this work as soon as possible. Not only can you avoid even costlier foundation fixes, but a settling home might soon suffer secondary damage, as said.

A damaged foundation can also affect your home’s property values. Even if you’re not thinking of selling your house anytime soon, losing value also means losing equity if you should decide to sell! You also might not qualify for home equity loans and lines of credit.

foundation repair services in Columbia cost

While a home might not collapse due to a damaged foundation, bowing basement walls and a chimney stack can crumble. Ceiling tiles can also crack and fall. Buckling floors can also get worse over time, even becoming tripping hazards.

A Columbia foundation repair contractor can also note any particular risks to your property and developing damage. He or she can advise the best repair method for your home, ensuring it’s in good condition for years to come.

Columbia Foundation Repair & Waterproofing is happy to bring this information about expected costs for foundation repair in Columbia to our readers, and hopefully, you found it helpful! If you suspect your property has foundation damage, call our experienced Columbia foundation repair services contractors. We ensure expert repair and waterproofing services, backed by a full guarantee you can trust.

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