The Cost of Foundation Waterproofing for Your Missouri Home

January 31, 2023

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Are you considering foundation waterproofing in Missouri? If so, you’re making an excellent decision! Waterproofing keeps a foundation strong and stable, avoiding premature damage and costly repairs. Additionally, waterproofing keeps moisture from seeping into interior spaces, avoiding musty carpets, wood rot, mold, and similar issues.

However, some might still wonder about foundation waterproofing costs and if it’s worth that investment. While every property differs, you might check out some average residential waterproofing costs. You can better know what to expect from your home. Also, you can then discuss your property’s needs with a foundation contractor near you as needed.

What Is Foundation Waterproofing?

Waterproofing methods depend on the foundation’s construction and materials. For instance, a contractor might apply waterproof coatings to interior basement floors and walls. Also, crawl space waterproofing consists of plastic sheeting applied to the ground and other surfaces in that space.

A contractor will install systems that direct water away from the concrete for slab foundations. One, a contractor might install PVC pipes buried just underground. Two, foundation technicians might grade the soil, so it slopes away from the structure. This encourages water to drain away from the foundation and to a drain or street.

Additionally, some technicians might suggest a sump pump installation. This equipment gathers moisture in pit and then pumps it elsewhere. A sump pump offers excellent foundation waterproofing and even protects your structure during flooding!

How Much Does Foundation Waterproofing Cost in Missouri?

Foundation waterproofing costs vary depending on a foundation’s construction and size. However, you might expect to pay between $3 and $10 per square foot for interior basement waterproof coatings. Also, exterior excavations are more expensive and might average up to $15,000, but these offer excellent protection.

Crawl space vapor barriers might start at about $1,500 and run to $3,000 or more. Full-scale encapsulation is typically more expensive and might average over $4,000. Property soil grading might average from $900 to $2,000 or more, depending on your lot’s size. Moreover, PVC pipes or French drain systems often cost several hundred dollars.

A contractor might suggest new gutter installations, usually costing a few hundred dollars. Sealing basement wall and floor cracks before waterproofing might also add a few hundred dollars to your costs. This quick fix protects those waterproof coatings and keeps your foundation strong. On average, homeowners in Missouri pay about $3,949 for foundation waterproofing services.

Is Missouri Foundation Waterproofing Worth the Cost?

The short answer is yes; foundation waterproofing is always worth the cost! One reason for this is that waterproofing is typically cheaper than foundation repair. Two, waterproofing keeps moisture from seeping into interior rooms.

In turn, waterproofing a foundation is more cost-effective over time. However, you might pay more for foundation crack repair than waterproofing services! Also, keeping moisture out of interior spaces reduces the risk of wood rot and mold. That moisture can also mean damaged subflooring and mildew underneath carpeting.

Also, note that foundation cracks tend to get worse over time. Eventually, they can weaken a foundation so severely that the structure settles and sinks. Consequently, you might face hefty costs for underpinning and leveling. Waterproofing helps prevent his damage and keeps that foundation dry and robust.

Property owners should be cautious about finishing a basement without waterproofing the space! Moisture seeping through walls and floors can ruin drywall and carpeting. It also means musty smells and mold growth. On the other hand, waterproofing means a clean, dry, welcoming space.

DIY Foundation Waterproofing for Your Home

Property owners might apply basement waterproof paints themselves. These coatings offer some protection against water damage and dampness. However, more effective coatings might require professional application! These are thicker and tougher to apply correctly.

Additionally, a property can buy and install French drain systems themselves. These pipes install just a few inches underground and don’t always require much technical knowledge or skill. On the other hand, relying on a pro ensures correct installation and effective waterproofing.

Also, remember that a professional waterproofing contractor can assess your property overall. They can recommend the best choice for waterproofing, including grading, sump pump installation, and the like. Lastly, remember that professionals typically guarantee their work for quality. In turn, you know that waterproofing will last for years to come!

Call in the Professionals!

Columbia Foundation Repair & Waterproofing is happy to provide this information about foundation waterproofing in Missouri. Hopefully, it’s been helpful and informative! Call our Columbia foundation repair contractors if you’re ready for expert, reliable services. We’ll start your project with a free quote and explain your property’s condition. Also, note that we only use durable, name-brand materials for repairs. For more information or to schedule your no-cost consultation, call us now!


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