What to Expect for a Foundation Inspection in Columbia

August 15, 2022

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A foundation inspection is something essential that homeowners in Columbia should consider. Foundation problems can be very dangerous and getting them repaired as soon as possible is the best course of action. The first step of this is usually a foundation inspection. If you’re not sure what to expect when it comes to a foundation inspection then you’re in the right place. We’ll go through what areas the inspector will look at, as well as what they’re looking for and what happens after an inspection. Let’s dive into this. 

What Is A Foundation Inspection?

A foundation inspection is the beginning steps of a foundation repair process and it’s also routine maintenance for your home. Foundation inspections are put in place to help determine if there are damages to your foundation and if so, what the damages are and how they can be fixed. Foundation inspections should be done regularly in order to keep your foundation in good standing. 

cracked foundation in need of foundation inspection in columbia

What Will a Foundation Inspector Look At?

During a foundation inspection in Columbia, there are multiple areas that will be looked at or examined. The foundation of a house spans quite a huge area and there’s a lot to it, but knowing which areas they’ll look at can better prepare you for the inspection itself. This can also help you keep an eye on those particular areas as well to watch out for potential future damages. 

Here are the areas that a foundation inspector will look at when doing a foundation inspection in Columbia: 


The exterior of your home is usually the first place that most inspectors will check because a lot of foundation problems can be seen from the exterior of your home. 


The interior of your home is where more noticeable damages can be seen. Usually, a homeowner might have some areas on the interior that they’ve noticed prior to the inspection. The inspector will check every area of the inside of your home, including all walls and ceilings. 

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are some of the more common areas where cracking, settling, and sinking will be shown. Checking both doors and windows inside and outside of your home will help to see any signs of foundation problems. 

Crawl Space 

Believe it or not, a home’s crawl space can show the first signs of foundation damage. Typically the lower levels of the home are the first to see it so a foundation inspector will most definitely check here. They’ll also be checking for water damage, especially in the crawl space. 

broken retaining wall in columbia mo

What Will An Inspector Look For?

If you’re getting a foundation inspection in Columbia, then you may want to know what they’re looking for. Three are a lot of warning signs that can indicate a foundation problem, and foundation inspectors are trained to look out for all of them. They’ll look in the most hidden places to help find any sign of foundation problems. Let’s look at the top things that an inspector will look at during a foundation inspection in Columbia. 

  • Cracks on the walls, ceilings, around windows and doors, or on the floor 
  • Bowed walls or a bulging exterior of the home 
  • Water damage or the presence of water in the crawl space 
  • Bubbling or warped floors and ceilings 
  • Uneven flooring
  • Moved piers or leaning piers 

What Happens After A Foundation Inspection in Columbia?

Once you’ve received a foundation inspection in Columbia, the inspector will usually give you a detailed invoice, list, or other types of paperwork showing your damages and what repair methods will be used to fix them. They may also give you an estimate at this time if they haven’t just asked to see if it’s available. 

The next step would be scheduling said repairs for your foundation. It’s always best to schedule your repairs as soon as possible after completing a foundation inspection in Columbia. This will help avoid further issues and it will help to get things repaired sooner rather than later. 

The Bottom Line 

When it comes to foundation inspection in Columbia, there are a lot of aspects to it. The inspector must look at the entire property essentially to look out for any signs of foundation damage. They must look for things such as cracks, bowed walls, water damage, and more. It’s best as a homeowner to know what these inspectors look for so that you also know what to look for and what might indicate a problem with your foundation. Once you’ve got your foundation inspection, you can expect to get paperwork describing your damages and what repairs must be done to fix them. If you’re looking to get a foundation inspection in Columbia, hopefully, this helps you understand what to expect during the process. Call our team at Columbia Foundation Repair & Waterproofing today!

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