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Looking to Waterproof a Foundation in Columbia - We've Got You Covered!

Our foundation waterproofing services are top of the line, GUARANTEED!

When it's time to waterproof a foundation in Columbia, you want to make sure it's correct. If there is even the slightest misstep during the process, you have the potential for winding up with water infiltration. Water in and around your home's foundation is a significant problem. It can attribute to mold and mildew growth. Those types of contaminants are not only costly to remediate, but they can also be health risks.

Columbia Foundation Repair & Waterproofing has the systems, materials, and workforce to do your foundation waterproofing flawlessly. Unfortunately, we can't give you a cost for your foundation waterproofing in Columbia right now. However, we can customize a quote specific to your structure if you call to set up an appointment.

All of our foundation work we back by a warranty. In addition, we include guarantees on customer care and satisfaction. There's nothing to lose, so call us now!

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Our Exceptional Waterproofing Services for Columbia Residents

Basement Waterproofing in Columbia - Saves a Ton of $$$!

When you went to buy your home, you didn't think about whether or not a waterproof foundation in Columbia was present. Instead, you wanted a house with a basement. Now that you have it, you can't let it go without taking care of this essential service. It's reasonable in price, and when finished, you'll save a fortune.

Think about what you would lose if your basement flooded. Not only are your features water damaged, but everything down there in storage is as well. Unfortunately, a wet basement also means lost square footage. Who wants to deal with that?

Instead of risking it all, call us for basement waterproofing in Columbia MO now.

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before crawl space waterproofing in Columbia

Crawl Space Waterproofing Foundations for Columbia

You don't go down into your crawl space, so why would you care about a waterproof foundation in Columbia? No matter how unimportant it seems, the crawl space is arguably the most essential feature of your property. If there's water getting down there, you are losing out. Not only is your home suffering structural damages, but you're losing energy efficiency and comfort too.

We won't force you down into the crawl space, but we will keep you informed of what we're doing all along the way.

Discover our multiple, affordable waterproofing services for your property before you wind up with the headache that comes with foundation repair from water damage.

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French Drain Installation for Columbia's Wettest Regions

A French drain installation in Columbia is a preventative measure that more and more homeowners and business operators are taking. It's because it's the most efficient and cost-effective way of keeping water from getting to your foundation in the first place.

Our crew will do a complete assessment to determine the best place for your French drain installation. We won't rip up your yard and leave you with the mess. Instead, we take care of everything from start to finish.

Are you ready to see how affordable this revolutionary foundation repair service is? Then, reach out to our office today!

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installation of sump pumps in Columbia

Sump Pump Installation - It's One Aspect of a Waterproof Foundation

Unless you've had a sump pump installation in Columbia in the last ten years, chances are it is time. Our honest foundation repair contractors will give you the truth about the condition of your existing sump pump. Then, we will let you know if investing in a new one is the best idea. We won't trick or force you into getting one if it's not necessary.

As a locally owned and operated business, rest assured you're going to get the personal attention you deserve. Please, feel free to ask all the questions you have. It's our goal to make sure you're 100% comfortable and 100% satisfied.

Are you looking for financing for your foundation repair? We have special options suitable for all customers. Find out the specifics when you contact our crew.

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Our Waterproofing & Foundation Services Are Coming to Your Local Area!

We park our trucks in Columbia at the end of the night, but our foundation repair contractors are ready and eager to travel to you! We can load up our heavy-duty, trustworthy equipment in no time and be on our way anywhere in the local service areas. So, if you want the best in foundation repair, crawl space services, and everything else foundation-related, trust in the crew from Columbia Foundation Repair & Waterproofing. Call today!

For Homeowners Looking for Superior Foundation Repair Without the Hassle

House foundation repair, basement waterproofing, sump pump installation, and a complete list of other top-notch foundation repair services in Columbia are as easy as picking up the phone. Call us at (573) 400-2218 
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